Wolf Country Audio Book Deal

Yesterday I was out with a friend on a day trip in Bakewell – a place that once appears in my novel as a scene of over-the-top consumerism disguised as village tourism. It was my birthday and we were enjoying the exceptionally warm and sunny weather when I saw that my agent, Charlotte had sent me an email. I was thrilled to see that she had just agreed on an audio deal for my book Wolf Country with W.F. Howes, one of the major audio publishers in the UK.

The work on the audio book will be coordinated with the publication of the physical book so that they will be published at the same time – early 2019. As a conservative reader, I read mostly printed books, slowly, taking my time, often going back to previous scenes and ruminating over them. The fact that I read in a foreign language that I taught myself as an adult, slows down the speed of my reading. So I didn’t consider myself as an audio book type of person. I have only recently discovered this format when I accidentally bumped into the audio book of Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin. ( whose most well-known work, The Stepford Wives is one of my all time favourites and it inspired me to write a TV script titled The Child Shop which I sometimes fantasise about being made into an episode of Black Mirror.)

To my surprise, I could follow Rosemary’s story really well, without having to stop and think where I was or who was who. Listening to someone with a pleasant voice and great reading skills kind of soothed me especially that I listened to it mostly at night, in bed, when I couldn’t sleep. I can understand why audio books are on a sharp rise, given the loneliness and isolation we experience these days. Listening to an audio book can trick us into believing we have company, another human being reading personally to us. The other reason might be the change in our lifestyles, how long we commute or sit behind a wheel for hours, again, often alone.

The best part of my audio agreement was the last sentence that confirmed that I would have two narrators to choose from. I can’t wait for production to start and I will keep posting when there’s any development.

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