Wolf Country


For fans of Never Let Me Go, The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror


The setting is thirty years in the future. Consumerism is thriving. The UK has overcome its economic crisis with some drastic steps: a citizen’s rights are now determined by how much money they spend, and the soaring cost of an ageing population has been eliminated by replacing retirement with blissful euthanasia in lavish Dignitoriums.

When architect Philip goes missing, his wife Alice risks losing her home and her status, and begins to question the society in which she was raised. Her search for him uncovers horrifying truths about the fate of her own family and the reality of the new social order.

The book has been likened to the classic sci-fi of John Wyndham and to Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.  Buzz Magazine says of it: ‘Wolf Country will chill your heart and make you sick at the possibility of such a cruel and politically unsound world. Tünde Farrand absolutely nails dystopia and its unsettling predictions, with incredible writing.’

wolf country book cover Tunde Farrand
Wolf Country – Tunde Farrand
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