Wolf Country


For fans of Never Let Me Go, The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror

London, 2050. The socio-economic crisis of recent decades has been eradicated and consumerism is thriving. Ownership of land outside the city is now the preserve of a tiny elite. The rest of the population is divided into three groups, High, Mid and Low Spenders, who must earn and consume enough to retain their Right to Reside. When citizens stop earning, they are classed as ‘non-profit’ and must retire to a Dignitorium, a lavish state institution where residents are rewarded for their lifelong contribution to society with nine wonderful months, before being peacefully euthanised. Ageing and all the misery that comes with it is a thing of the past.

Wolf Country follows Kathryn, a young woman whose husband Philip has gone missing. On the verge of losing her own Right to Reside and desperate to find Philip, she begins to question the society in which she was raised. The only people she can turn to are her father-in-law, an outlaw and resident of ‘The Zone’, a devastated area inhabited only by criminals and those who refuse to comply with the new system; the elderly Nurse Vogel, who works in a Dignitorium and may be able to uncover Philip’s whereabouts; and finally Kathryn’s older sister, Sylvia, who abandoned the family many years ago. Sylvia never disguised her hatred and contempt for her younger sister. But she may be the last chance Kathryn has…